Jual Char CSO Indonesia Level 72

Jual Chart Game Online Counter Strike Indonesia Harga Rp 1.500.000,-

Kode CSO-002
Status Char : Belum Terjual

My Info Char Kode CSO-002

Nick Name : -
Level (Pangkat) : 72 (Marshal_1)
Experience : 10%
Title Rank : -
Win Rate : Diatas 50%
Kill/Death : Diatas 50%
Point : diatas 25.000.000
Manner : Excellent
Family : -
Location : -
Jumlah Honor : 405 Point (Biru)
Jumlah Honor : Last Soldier, Fire Fighter, Phobos Slayer, Pilgrim, Dione Slayer, Erica Guardian, Killing Machine, Oberon Slayer, Zombie Terminator, Comache Hunter, Asura, Scorpion Chef, Madness Closer, Sword Master, Headhunters, Berserk, Weapon Master, Ace Marksman, Bombing Expertise, A Great First Step, Best Manner, Health Condition, Specialist, Gang
Status Email : Belum Verifikasi

Isi Inventory Char Kode CSO-002

A. List Senjata Assault Rifle
Nama Senjata Keterangan
Crossbow Advanced Permanent
Janus-5 Permanent
Skull-4 Permanent
Skull-5 WC Permanent
M14EBR (+8) Permanent
Plasma Gun Permanent
Thanatos-5 Permanent
Lightening AR-1 Permanent
M1918 Bar Permanent
StG44 Permanent
M16A1 Veteran Permanent

B. List Senjata Machine Gun
Nama Senjata Keterangan
Thanatos-7 Permanent
Skull-6 Permanent
Skull-8 Permanent
Balrog-7 Permanent
M60 Maverick Permanent
M60E4 Gold Edition Permanent
M60E4 (+6) Permanent
PKM Gold Edition Permanent
PKM Permanent
MK48 Permanent
HK23E Gold Edition Permanent
Victory Canada, Victory Indonesia, Victory Russia, Victory Turkey, Victory Germany, Victory Korea, Victory Taiwan, Victory USA Permanent

C. List Senjata SMG
Nama Senjata Keterangan
Skull-3 Permanent
Deadly Dual Kriss Permanent
Thompson Chicago Permanent
Kriss Super V Permanent
P90 Lapin Warna Pink Permanent
TMP Dragon Permanent
Needler Permanent
Sten MK2 Permanent

D. List Senjata Shotgun
Nama Senjata Keterangan
Balrog-11 Permanent
Batista Permanent
Skull-11 Permanent
Janus-11 Permanent
Volcano Permanent
Winchester M1887 (SG Puter) Permanent
UTS-15 Permanent
QBS-09 Permanent
Rail Cannon Permanent

E. List Senjata Sniper
Nama Senjata Keterangan
AS50 Permanent
Bendita Permanent
Destroyer Permanent
Thunderbolt Event Life 15/15
Parker Hale M82 Permanent
WA2000 Permanent
TRG-42 White Gold Permanent
TRG-42 Permanent
SL8 Permanent
Sniper Rifle Ex (SL8EX) Permanent
M1 Garand Permanent

F. List Senjata Pistol
Nama Senjata Keterangan
Crimson Hunter Permanent
Skull-1 Permanent
Balrog-1 Permanent
Janus-1 Permanent
King Cobra Permanent
M79 Saw Off Permanent

G. List Senjata Knife
Nama Senjata Keterangan
Skull-9 Permanent
Balrog-9 Permanent
Crowbar Maverick Permanent
Crowbar Permanent
Tomahawk Permanent
Horn Kujang Permanent
Butterfly Knife Permanent

Nama Item Keterangan
Dragon Cannon Versi Naga Hitam Permanent
Air Buster Permanent
Plasma Grenade Permanent
Chain Grenade Permanent
Petrol Bomber Permanent

A. List Class Terrorist
Nama Class Keterangan
Lingling Permanent
Carlito Permanent
Erica Permanent
Jennifer Permanent
Michaela Permanent
Raven Permanent
Ritsuka Permanent
Red Beret Condottiere (Not In Use) Durasi 90 Hari
Asia Red Army (Not In Use) Durasi 120 Hari

B. List Class Counter Terrorist
Nama Class Keterangan
ChoiJiyoon Permanent
Enzo Permanent
Natasha Permanent
Walter Permanent
Criss Permanent
Lucia Permanent
SAT (Not In Use) Durasi 90 Hari
South Korea Spesial Force 707 (Not In Use) Durasi 90 Hari

Nama Item Keterangan
Provoke Apple Permanent
Provoke Target Permanent
Provoke Arrow Permanent
Gentleman Mustache Permanent
Gentleman Stick Permanent
Gentleman Hand Clock Permanent
Golden Mask Permanent
Golden Shield Permanent
Panda Tail Permanent
Panda Ear Permanent
Panda Doll Back Pack Permanent
Cat Fish Permanent
Cat Ear Permanent
Squirrel Ear Permanent
Squirrel Tail Permanent
CSOWC 2015 Tatto Permanent

Nama Item Jumlah
Mileage Decoder 0
Premium Decoder 0
Brand Top.30 Decoder 0
Top.50 Decoder 0
Top.50 Unlimited Decoder 0
Promotion Reward Level 72 1
Battle Revival 300
Round Retry 10
Normal Enhancement Material 300
Spesial Enhancement Material 70
The 1st Combat Blueprint (S) 3
The 2nd Combat Blueprint (S) 11
The 3rd Combat Blueprint (S) 11
The 4th Combat Blueprint (S) 4
The 5th Combat Blueprint (S) 2
The 6th Combat Blueprint (S) 9
Permanent Durability 21
Duration Extender 439
Big Emergency Medicine (100%) 500
Small Emergency Medicine (30%) 1000
Change Nick Name 2
Spesial Mission Reset 220
Manufacture Secret : Luck Of President 11
Manufacture Secret : Recycle 59
Vote To Kick A User Out 320
Preview Reward -
B-BOX 10
Silver Bell -
CSOWC 2015 Spray 1
CSOWC 2016 Spray 1
Choijiyoon Spray 1
Jennifer Spray 1
Natasha Spray 1
Ritsuka Spray 1

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